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Well 2016 was another great year in Chelmsford Karate Club’s long history. The year flew by and was filled with successful Kyu Gradings, outstanding performances at Dan Gradings, Local and National Awards, visiting Dignitaries, visiting Instructors, Championship successes, England call ups, mixed in with some fun and much, much more.


At KUGB England Squad Selection six from Chelmsford were selected!


From left to right:  Teah Pope, Eric Austin-Coskry, Mia Hillsden, Jamie Lottering, Megan Naylor-Jones, and Emma Burke (not pictured).



To help raise awareness of Mental Health we organised a 'Time to Talk' event attended by the Mayor of Chelmsford and MP Sir Simon Burns.


In addition, presentations were made:

to Sensei Dot Naylor for her service to Karate,

Richard Kheder and Richard Naylor-Jones for their service to Chelmsford Karate Club,

and Teah Pope for winning Silver at the European Championships with KUGB England.

February also included our first Masterclass and Kyu Grading of the year with Sensei Sherry (9th Dan), plus a Tigers Half Term Course.


The KUGB Central Kata Squad Selection took place in the Midlands where 8 members from Chelmsford were selected by Sensei Frank Brennan for 2016:


(from left to right) Sensei Richard, Lisa Ironman, Megan Naylor-Jones, Pamela Picwick, Lauren Jenkins, Andy Crozier, and Sensei Jane (not pictured).



We hosted a Kyu Grading and a great Bunkai Masterclass with Sensei Bob Rhodes (8th Dan).

Sensei Jane and Richard visited Oaklands Infant School to read to Year 2 and present them with a book by KUGB England and former Chelmsford Karate member - Holly Sterling.

They were also invited to teach Karate classes as part of St John Payne Catholic School's Healthy Mind Week.

At the KUGB International Grand Slam – Five of our students represented England Teah Pope helped the England Female Cadet Team Kumite to first place.

In Abingdon at the KUGB Dan Grading Melvyn Tang and Alasdair Ward passed Nidan and Shodan respectively.


Off to Torbay!

28 Chelmsford students attended the week long 'Spring Karate Course'.


At the end of the week there was Dan Grading and Chelmsford gained a  

total of SEVEN passes out of SEVEN!:


Matthew Gilbert, Ian Gilbert and Ben Pickwick passed Shodan.  Lisa Ironman, Wayne Lottering Megan Naylor-Jones and Connor Payne all passed Nidan.

Furthermore, during the week Jamie Lottering and Anya Dunbar won their Kata Competition Categories Black Belt and Brown Belt respectively. With Alexander Lockett gaining 4th in the Black Belt event as the youngest entrant in the category that was open to all ages.


At the Shotokan Tigers Competition  – Chelmsford won a total of Five Golds!

In a busy month we also hosted the first of two Special Courses with Sensei Frank Brennan (8th Dan) who, as usual, inspired all those who attended.


Megan Naylor-Jones was appointed as a Sports Ambassador for Chelmsford, linked to Dovedale Sports Centre, our main home since it opened in 1974.

At the KUGB British National Championships 50th Year - Anya Dunbar won Gold, we won a further three medals including: Children Kata (Louise, Mia and Melvyn) plus Melvyn went onto medal in both Individual Kata and Kumite.


Sensei Dot received a special award as one of only seven people (and the only woman) in the KUGB to have reached 50 years with the organisation. 


In addition, Kelly Hodkinson received a certificate for 20 years Service and Richard Naylor-Jones for 30 years.

Jack Hillsden also passed his Assistant Instructors Qualification.


Sensei Richard was invited to teach the first of two six week Discover Karate Courses with Mencap.

At the KUGB Southern Regions - Chelmsford won a total of thirty one medals, this included NINE GOLD MEDALS and the 'Most Outstanding Competitor Eric Austin- Coskry!

The second Kyu Grading and a superb Special Course with Sensei Sherry of the year took place.

Sensei Andy Sherry’s new Book was published and mentions our Club founders Sensei Charles Naylor and Sensei Dot, as well as Jane, Richard, and  Chelmsford Karate Club



At the KUGB British Youth Championships - the Club was outstanding at this level to win two British Titles! – Anya Dunbar and Mia Hillsden, who both retained their titles, and the Childrens Team Kata were runners up.

We hosted Sensei John Bruce and Sensei Holly Sterling who delivered an excellent training course for All Grades then High Grades.

At the KUGB Black Belt grading in Bath Chelmsford again had success with two new Shodans - Ella Roberts and Anya Dunbar plus Rachel Cohen passed her Nidan.


Our Annual Hyland (Park) Games saw a hot day, with lots of fun and water! We do not know WHO supplied these kids with waterguns, nor who directed the kids' attack at Sensei Jane but she has warned anyone aiming one at her has to do 50 pushups upon entering the Dojo.


Another smaller Kyu Grading and a fantastic Bunkai Masterclass with Sensei Bob Rhodes was held at Anglia Ruskin University.

The Club also took part in the '22 Day Push Up' challenge to help raise awareness for the Armed Forces and those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Something Sensei Richard took forward and got the KUGB involved in - including Sensei Sherry - the KUGB's Chief Instructor.

Hyland Games 2016.png


Lancaster 'Train with the Champions' – Four Members of our club attended the Karate Summer School - Serdar and Lee Rifat along with Richard and Megan Naylor-Jones enjoying both the training and the social events.

KUGB Young Leader Awards -Silver for Romilly Pope, Jessica Steadman and Megan Naylor-Jones.

Sensei Jane and Richard delivered an Anti-Bullying Course for young people to help them and others with this sensitive issue.

In a quieter month we asked for photographs from our Club members of their Summer holiday - of course with with a Karate theme. 


At the KUGB International Grand Slam - Four of our students represented KUGB England. Mia Hillsden still a junior competed against adults to reach the final and came third.

A couple of weeks later, at the KUGB British Shotokan Cup - we brought home two more medals with Mia Hillsden reaching both her finals in Kata and Kumite.


Following a formal assessment and examination, Emma Burke qualified as a KUGB National Instructor and Teah Pope as a KUGB Assistant Instructor.




The third of three Kyu Grading and Training Courses with Sensei Sherry took place and were excellent as usual.

On World Mental Health Day, as a Club, we took time out to increase awareness of those with mental health issues and how we can help.

Rosie Caddy was awarded her KUGB Young Leaders Silver Level.

Finlay MacFarlane was awarded his Martial Arts badge by the Scout Association as a result of his achievements with Karate.    

At the British National Student Championships we gained another British National title when Jamie Lottering won the Male Individual Kata! Megan Naylor-Jones was runner up in the Female Kata.

Sensei Richard Naylor-Jones was appointed Disability Officer for the KUGB by the KUGB Executive Committee.

We held the second of our Special Courses with Sensei Frank Brennan and welcomed international visitors (and friends) from Italy.


Sensei Jane and Richard complete a six week Personal Safety Course for the Girl Guides.


Black Belt Alexander Lockett visits Oakland Infant School to talk about Karate as part of their studies on the letter ‘K’.

Sensei Richard Naylor-Jones was appointed as a Disability Sport Ambassador for Essex by Active Essex.

Romilly Pope is awarded the KUGB Young Leaders Gold Award.



Both Lee Rifat and Campbell Ward passed Shodan at Egham.

Sensei Bob Rhodes came to Chelmsford for a third time in 2016 to do a Grading and hold an excellent Bunkai Course on Kata Jitte.


Jessica Steadman was awarded her KUGB Young Leaders  Gold Award, whilst Ella Roberts received her KUGB Young Leader Bronze Award.


Caitlin Glover (aged 12) hit the national news for designing a Virtual Reality System to help spot the early signs of Dyslexia.

The year ended with some fun including our Christmas Party and Talent Show. Plus, we held an end of year Special Karate Course that included fun on a bouncy castle! 

Another fantastic year! We hope you have enjoyed looking back at 2016.


Based on the teachings of our Club founder Sensei Charles Naylor, we like to train hard and develop technical Karate of the highest standard in our students.This is shown in the large number of Black Belts training from near and far, the numerous British Champions and National Squad members both old and young together with an ever growing Club.


We are a family Club, something of which we are very proud of, and therefore as you can see we also like to have some fun and enjoy ourselves during the year.  

Sensei Dot, Jane and Richard would like to thank everyone involved with Chelmsford Karate Club - the Students, our team of Instructors and Young Leaders, Parents, Friends and Family.  We are looking forward to 2017 when we will be celebrating our Club’s fifty year anniversary since it began in 1967!


Come along and be part of it - Karate is for everyone! 

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