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In addition to our full weekly schedule, we run several Masterclasses each year here in Chelmsford for Beginners through to Black Belts.

These Masterclasses are taught by special guest instructors from around the country, many of whom are famous internationally in the Karate world.

Masterclasses tend to be held at the weekend. This page is updated regularly, but you can also check our Upcoming Events to see when the next Masterclass is.

sensei brennan


In the world of Karate Sensei Brennan's reputation is both known and respected throughout the world.


He is a Karate legend and is regarded as one of the greatest fighters of all time.


Sensei Brennan has excelled in both Kata and Kumite. He is a former World Champion, European Grand Champion four times and KUGB National Grand Champion ten times.


As an Instructor and KUGB England Coach he is highly regarded and we are privileged to be able to host him.

8th Dan

Vice Chairman of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB), England Junior Squad Coach

Instructors workshop

It is vital to us that our Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Young Leaders are all teaching in a clear, supportive, and safe way, which is why we hold a free course for our Black & Brown Belts each year.  

We also encourage our both our qualified and unqualified High Grades to come along too, as they can be asked to teach beginners at the back of our All Grades Classes.


We first take time to talk about the Club, our ethos, and how we see ourselves moving forward. Then, we break out into groups to work on our teaching skills with each group containing a mixture of experienced Senior Instructors as well as those new to teaching.


Referees & Judges Workshop


Following on from the successful workshops in the past, this workshop will cover the competition rulebook in a practical way by Refereeing and Judging Jiyu Kumite (freestyle), Kihon Ippon Kumite (one-step), and Kata.

Attendees will benefit most by studying the rule book in advance (if possible) so that they can make the most of the hands on experience offered by this workshop.

You will learn the hand and flag signals used in competition, as well as key terminology and scoring rules. These will be used on mock competition scenarios- but don't be surprised if we test your knowledge by throwing in some rule-breaking!

This course is for those KUGB members who are looking to attend the KUGB Referees and Judges course and/or take the Referees and Judges exam; and also for those members who are looking to compete this year.


You will receive a free printed rulebook to make notes on, and will be able to use our flags, stopwatches, and scorecards throughout the course.

The course is chaired by Richard Naylor-Jones, KUGB Nationally Qualified Referee for over 25 years and Richard Kheder who is also a Nationally Qualified Referee with over 21 years experience.

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