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Our Club is home to the Shotokan Tigers, an initiative to help get kids active through Karate!

Because children make up so much of our club, we've created a dedicated website about how your kids can get involved in all areas of Karate.

The page below is a brief summary of what is on that website.

If you want a more in-depth look at Children's Karate and what it can offer, we suggest that you go to

shotokan tigers

Karate is a fun activity for children that can improve confidence, concentration, and discipline while they keep active and learn new life skills.


Our Shotokan Tigers classes are aimed at children aged 4-10 and are an introduction to the exciting martial art of Karate in a safe, controlled environment.


Safety is paramount and all classes are supervised by a nationally qualified KUGB Instructor who holds a Karate first-aid qualification. All classes are also adapted to be COVID Safe.

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"It is our responsibility, as parents, to look after our children - but we can't be there all of the time. That is why it is important for our children to learn to defend themselves, especially in today's world."


Both Parents and Teachers frequently report on improvements in the behaviour of children who train regularly at our club. 

The Parent of one of our Tigers said that her daughter is "more disciplined, focused, and confident since she started training" with us.

At Chelmsford Karate Club the emphasis is placed on good manners, courtesy and discipline. We ensure that children learn about self-discipline, self control and respect for others in all aspects of their karate training.


“​Jess is now a 2nd Dan Black Belt, a KUGB Young Leader (Gold Level) and is on the KUGB England Squad for the second year.

We would recommend the Club to anyone interested in learning from scratch of developing existing skills. Jess describes the club as her 'Karate Family' which just about says it all!"



“​Our daughter, Jess, joined Chelmsford Karate Club 9 years ago, having previously trained at another club.  It became clear very quickly that this was a very different kind of club with a very different ethos - not about chasing grades or prizes but about training hard, working together and supporting each other.  Jess thoroughly enjoys every minute of her Karate.  The instruction is exemplary and there are many opportunities to take part in competitions."




Once your child is training regularly, they can complete a Grading, which could allow them to achieve a new belt.

This provides short-term goals and structure that keeps children both interested and motivated.


A certificate is presented to each student who successfully passes a Grading, and a photograph of them with their Sensei will be available via social media or email.


However, your child must be training consistently between Gradings, which normally amounts to two lessons a week.


No child is forced to take a Grading if they do not feel particularly confident at that time. We offer extra support in the weeks leading up to each Grading, both in our regular classes and in the form of Private Lessons.



The Competiton aspect of Karate can also be enjoyed by our younger members.

There is no pressure to take part in competitions if a child does not want to. However, we find that their enthusiasm for competition usually comes naturally.

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Once a year we host the Shotokan Tiger Nation Cup, a competition specifically for Under 16s that acts as an introduction to competing for our younger ones.

Other clubs from the surrounding area travel to compete with us, and it is a great day out for both children and adults alike!


There is also an opportunity for your child to compete in Regional and National tournaments.

Competitions are conducted in a safe, controlled environment, and many events are non-contact.


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