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Our Family Classes, also known as All Grades Classes, are for all ages and abilities within karate, from first-lesson beginners to elite athletes. 

We call these our Family Classes as many of our students start training alongside their family, such as parents training alongside their kids, or siblings training together.

Many of our students say that training in an environment full of dedicated, hard-working karateka helps to motivate them to train to the best of their abilities.

One parent said that the main thing that motivated them was "training alongside (their) son as (they) motivate each other".


We always say that our Club is like a Karate Family, and we have many families training within our Karate Family!


As a Family-Run business we know just how much a shared passion for something can bring people together, and provide some much-needed quality time. 

In recent years we have even seen the return of some of our older students (some we've known since they were children), looking to train alongside their own children!

Whether you're a returner, a beginner, or perhaps trained in a different martial art, we have a variety of special courses, socials, and competitions that can provide an exciting day-out for the whole family!

“​Training at Chelmsford has given our family the opportunity to spend quality time together, whilst being supported as individuals, to achieve our personal goals."


-maia b

"As someone who was quite shy when I started Karate, I enjoyed being able to train alongside my siblings and Dad. Support from our Sensei's and the encouraging training environment they provide, really helped me build my confidence."


-theo b

"My brother and I started karate when we were 8. It was not long after that our sisters and Dad decided to start training too. We love to attend classes together and have enjoyed progressing through the grades as a family."


-marley b


Our Kyu Gradings are open to all ages, meaning that family members can grade together if they're the same grade, or if they are different grades they can grade together on the same day. These Gradings cover grades between Beginner to Brown Belt.


However, we do tend to split the Grading groups (when we can) into Adults and Juniors, so that we have similar sizes doing Kumite (basic sparring) together.

We've also seen family members complete Dan Gradings (Black Belt Gradings) together as well! 



The Competiton aspect of Karate can be enjoyed by all of our members, from beginners to our Senior Instructors.


We have a variety of competitions, from those that are for specific Grades and Ages, to those the whole family can enter!

Our Southern Regional Championships and National Championships have a range of age categories, from Juniors to Seniors to Veterans (over 40s).


As well as this, each age category is split by Grade. Because of the variety, we tend to bring a large group of students to compete, making it a great opportunity for us to bond as a team!


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