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Ideal for any grade, whether you are new to Karate or an experienced elite competitor, Private Lessons provide the opportunity to get personalised, tailored training at a pace that suits you.


They can be 'one-offs', or a series of lessons designed to help you meet your short and long term goals.

These lessons will be Instructed by Sensei Jane Naylor-Jones or Sensei Richard Naylor-Jones, who are dedicated to helping you take your training to the next level.

Both are 6th Dan Nationally Qualified Instructors who are fully insured and DBS checked.  

There are many different reasons to book a private lesson...

- To accelerate your learning.

- To adapt your training to specific wants or needs, e.g. weight loss, self defence, fitness.

- To adapt to busy schedules for those that  struggle to attend regular classes.

- To help those that have issues with large classes or concentration.

-To help the transition between classes, e.g. as from the Family Classes into the High Grades Classes

- To help you prepare for Kyu Grading Examinations (from white to brown belt).

- To help you prepare for Black Belt Gradings (1st through to 6th Dan).

- To develop specific areas of your training, such as Kihon (basics), Kumite (sparring), Kata (set form), or all three.

- To prepare you for the selection process for England Kata or England Kumite Squad.

- To prepare you for Local, Regional, National, and International Tournaments.


When you book your Private Lesson, your Sensei will draw up a tailored training plan for you to help maximise the benefit of the lesson and consolidate your learning. The training plan can be moved and tweaked according to your goals.

Private lessons can be held at our Dojo at Dovedales Sports Centre, or at a Sports Centre near you. Alternative venues have been used successfully subject to space and availability.


"My son, Alexander, has been training with Chelmsford Karate Club for just under ten years. In that time we have moved on from it being an after school club to an integral part of his life. One of the many opportunities that Alexander has taken advantage of is the Private Lessons.


Initially, the lessons were used in preparation for a grading and more recently to prepare for a competition or selection. The lessons are individually tailored to the student with a very comprehensive lesson plan prepared by Sensei Jane and Richard beforehand.


This one to one training has proved invaluable to work on specific technique as well as gaining a thorough understanding of process so there are no surprises on the big day!


The experience, expertise and dedication of Sensei Jane and Richard mean that the students are fully prepared and ready to take on the challenges of karate at the very highest levels."



Many of our students have taken advantage of a multiple-lesson plan in order to achieve their goals over several weeks of Private Lessons. This method is often used in the lead up to an event, such as a Grading or Competition.

Some of our students prefer to have Private Lessons in a small group, e.g. as a family or in a group of friends. This, although not strictly one-to-one, still allows them to get more feedback than a regular lesson.

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