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With the Lockdown Measures implemented in March, we cancelled all in-person classes and postponed all of our events in support of the National effort to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Keeping connected, active and engaged through the practice of

Karate brings many positive physical and psychological benefits and provides a sense of normality that is desperately needed in these unprecedented times.

Therefore, we have adapted our Classes in several ways:

"allowing our students to continue to train in a safe, controlled environment is our priority"


On Thursday the 3rd of September, we trained inside a Dojo for the first time since March. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience, with everyone following the new rules put in place.

Because of the success of this, we will be back in the Dojo teaching All Grades four times a week for the foreseeable future. We have released a new schedule for these lessons and have a booking system in place as all lessons will need to be booked in advance.

Please find a list of our new rules and regulations for our Dojo Training here, as well as how to book.

Hopefully we can get back to our normal numbers and schedule soon. Until then, we hope you try and attend one of these sessions to keep your training up!

dojo training

Zoom training

We utilised Zoom in order to train from our homes from the beginning of Lockdown, reacting quickly to adapt our classes for safer training. We understood the important role exercise plays in our lives, especially when so many of our students were feeling more anxious than normal.

We've had students join in our classes both Nationally and Internationally, and it was lovely to see some of out students who have moved training from Spain and New Zealand!

Currently, we are looking at broadcasting our In-Dojo lessons via Zoom for those who may be anxious to return, quarantining, or those who can't travel to the Dojo at the moment. 


park training

As we were training on Zoom for so long, Park Training was an exciting step towards getting back to our normal training.

The fresh air allowed us to train safely, and the open space allowed for socially distant training whilst also allowing us to do drills and kata which we have struggled to do on Zoom.

It is so nice to be able to see everyone again and to train as a team.

However, as the weather turns colder these lessons will disappear. Hopefully we can bring these back for special courses next Summer.


dojo training- covid rules and regulations


Reminder that failure to follow all rules and regulations can result in you being turned away at the door, even if you have booked and pre-paid for a place. These rules are required by our venues for us to train there, and are for the safety of all our students.

All students who book should receive the following information in an email before their class. If you did not receive the email please let us know so we can add you to our email list.

* DO NOT come if you have a temperature or any Covid symptoms.  We will be taking your temperature before class and you will be asked to leave if you have a high temperature.


* ALL classes must be booked and paid for in advance.  Booking is done on a weekly basis, and we start taking bookings for the next week at 3pm on Sundays. You MUST text Sensei Jane, preferably with the day and time you wish to book. Please do not come if you have not booked your place as we will have to turn you away.  We will be logging attendees as always for track & trace reasons.


* We are only allowed a certain amount of people in the studio so if you book a class you are taking one of those slots.  If you can't make it, you must let us know 24 hours in advance so we can offer it to someone else.  Everyone wants to be training so these places are like gold dust.

* Come in your clean laundered gi and clean trainers. We are NOT training barefoot. You MUST come in TRAINERS There are toilets available, but no changing rooms.

* Please note anyone entering the venue MUST wear FACE MASKS on entry and exit.  Face masks can be removed while undertaking Class. 

*You must remember to bring your own WATER BOTTLE as we will be having water breaks.

* Students MUST arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the session. Failure to do so may mean you are not allowed inside the venue if late. They must queue outside of the venue maintaining social distance.

* Students will be collected by an Instructor at the relevant time and will enter following them maintaining social distance rules.

* At the end of the session, Students will exit following the Instructor.  

* Please note there will currently be no spectators allowed in any areas.


* Please bring your own hand sanitiser for use during the session if possible.  

* Students should avoid contact with door handles etc. if possible.  


* Even though we are working to social distance rules, you may use your mitts and gumshields for kumite practice.  Bring your own mitts and gumshields in a small bag and clean them after every session.  Large bags must NOT be brought to the Dojo.

We have to follow these rules to ensure for a safe training environment, and to give all our students the fair chance to train in the Dojo. We hope you understand, and have read these rules thoroughly.

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