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Kelly started training in Devon in 1993 at the age of 10.


She passed her Shodan Grading in 1996 under the watchful eye of Sensei Enoeda.


Kelly relocated to London in 2004 for a teaching job, and it was then that she joined Chelmsford SKC. Even with the commute, she trained three to four times a week under Senseis Charles and Dot Naylor, and Senseis Jane and Richard Naylor Jones. 


She passed her Nidan Grading in 2005 and her Sandan Grading in 2017 under Sensei Sherry and Sensei Poynton, which is when she became a Senior Instructor.


Photo: Kelly being congratulated on passing her 3rd Dan by Sensei Andy Sherry.


Photo: Kelly competing in the 2018 KUGB National Championships

At the KUGB National Championships in 2016, Kelly was awarded her KUGB Long Standing Member Certificate for over 20 years of membership to the KUGB.

Kelly now trains alongside her daughter Mia, as well as coaching younger club members at National and Regional tournaments.

Kelly is an experienced competitor.


Since joining Chelmsford SKC, she has had many impressive achievements.


She became a member of the prestigious KUGB England Senior Kumite Squad in 2006, competing in ten grand slams. She stayed on the Squad for 5 years.


She took Gold in the Southern Regional Senior Female Individual Kumite Championship three times, won the Southern Regional Female Team Kumite event six times, and won the Southern Regional Team Kata event twice.


She has also been placed in various National Championships, including: 3rd place in the female Senior Individual Kumite at the Shotokan Cup twice; 3rd place in the National Senior Team Kumite three times; and 3rd place at the Nationals for Team Kata twice.


Photo: Kelly and her daughter Mia with Sensei Brennan after his Masterclass

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