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Megan Naylor-Jones started training at the age of 10 in the Summer of 2010, after returning from living in the United States of America.


As the daughter of Sensei Jane and Sensei Richard, and the granddaughter of Sensei Charlie and Sensei Dot, Megan- like her sister and cousins before her- had Karate in her DNA.


From a very young age, she would sit at the back of the Dojo colouring or playing whilst the classes were taken.


Megan’s family was enthusiastic to get her to start training, and she was eager to follow in their footsteps. She started training under the instruction of Sensei Jane, Sensei Richard, and Sensei Dot- even having a few lessons in Sensei Dot’s kitchen.


Photo: Megan being told she passed her Black Belt Grading

Megan had always helped out around the club, teaching beginners and Kyu grades to help her parents.


When the KUGB founded the Young Leader Award Program to encourage young people to start working towards teaching qualifications, Megan took the opportunity to pilot the program, volunteering for over 60 hours of teaching.


This saw her awarded her Bronze, Silver, and Gold Young Leader Awards in quick succession.

Photo: Megan being taught by her mother Jane as a white belt.

On March 22nd, 2014 Megan graded to First Dan Black Belt (Shodan) under Sensei Sherry and Sensei Poynton.


She would then go on to gain her Second Dan (Nidan) on the Torbay Spring Karate Course in 2016 under Sensei Sherry and Sensei Brennan.


Photo: Megan and the Mayor of Chelmsford Bob Massey with her Gold Young Leader Award


 Megan then celebrated her 18th Birthday by starting to study and complete tasks in order to gain her Assistant Instructor Qualification, which she gained in February 2018.


She then went on to earn her Full Instructor Qualification later that year, being awarded her certificate at the Lancaster Summer School Course by Sensei Sherry.


Megan was the first person in the KUGB to have completed the full Young Leaders Award, Assistant Instructor Qualification, and Full Instructor Qualification.

Photo: Megan being awarded her Instructors Qualifications by Sensei Sherry

Since 2013 Megan has been selected to be on the Central Region Kata Squad, traveling to train under Sensei Brennan multiple times a year. Between 2016-2018 Megan was also selected to be on the National England Kata Squad.


Since she first started training, Megan has competed as much as she could.


She has placed frequently Regionally, such as Kata and Team Kata titles, as well as Nationally at the Youth and Students Championships. In 2019 Megan earned Bronze, Silver, and Gold at the Southern Region Championships- taking the title of Team Kata Champions alongside teammates Jamie Lottering and Raquel Amaro.


Photo: (left to right) Megan, Jamie, and Raquel at the 2019 Southern Region Championships

On the 6th of June 2021, alongside Sensei Jamie Lottering and Sensei Mike Jeffrey, Megan received her Third Dan (Sandan) under Sensei Brennan, Sensei Higgins, and Sensei Harford.


As a Third Dan, Megan will now pursue her Referee and Judges Qualifications to be able to help out more with competitions as she can no longer compete in Chelmsford’s Tigers Competitions and The KUGB’s Youth and Students Championships due to her age. She also intends to help coach younger competitors at these competitions.

Photo: Megan being awarded her Third Dan

(left to right) Sensei Harford, Sensei Brennan, Megan, and Sensei Higgins

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